A Message from Mother Earth/God/Creator

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blueskies A Message from Mother Earth/God/Creator

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Kimmie Rose Of Innerviews writes March 19, 2011:

There is such an important message in this disaster.  The message is that Mother Earth/God/Creator is speaking to us as we continuously try to find peace in our world. 

We have a choice to “Wake Up and Listen” or we can move back into another cycle of being unconscious.  The cycles that will occur if we choose not to become conscious will only get worse because God/Creator/Mother Earth knows only one way to get us to listen and that is through vibration.

We’ve seen these cycles before in World War I and World War II when masses of our brothers and sisters were massacred in ways that shook the hearts many.  Our choice was to defend and disarm the predators.  The choice we made ended the war on the physical plane, but the emotional frequency of fear and sadness still shakes our hearts today.

Now, as we sit in our living rooms and watch the masses of people who have died in Japan at the hands of the Tsunami and the explosions at the nuclear power plants, our hearts are once more shaken and once more we reach out to help our brothers and sisters.

The laws of balance/karma in nature are truly showing up once more and presenting us with the same question, “How can we help?”  Reaching out by giving aid to people in need is one way we can do this.  The other way we can reach out is to become “Conscious” of what we choose to create in our lives.

Being Conscious does not mean to point a finger and blame the human race for creating the source of the explosions that have occurred in Japan.   Being “Conscious” is about paying attention to the feelings of love and compassion that we are experiencing for the people who are suffering.

Everything is energy and it vibrates at some frequency.  Albert Einstein’s famous relativity equation of  E=MC(Squared) tells us that energy equals mass times the speed of light squared.

(1) E stands for “Energy”
(2) M stands for “mass”
(3) C stands for “Speed of light”
Squared or 2 – stands for the square of C, which mathematically means you multiply the C with itself (C x C)

Matter or Mass (M) is something that has weight and volume.  The Speed of Light C or Light is the force in nature, which makes objects visible.  Light is weightless and is said to not have any mass, but it does carry a momentum.  So, when Mass (something with weight and volume) is multiplied with the squared Speed of Light ( a force which makes things visible), it’s weight becomes zero which is a constant.

Einstein’s relativity equation is important when relating it to the cycles of being conscious and unconscious.  They are exact mirrors to what we choose to go through while we are on this earth plane (which consists of both mass and light as do our bodies).

When our bodies choose to embrace fear, we automatically look for ways to evoke the exact opposite so that the future does not entail fear.  This creates a pendulum type of reaction that consistently keeps repeating itself.  We find ourselves repeating cycles in the present that happened in the past.  Thus, we are creating a mirrored future that directly relates to our thoughts and feelings.

If you “choose” to be unconscious, it is because you are not being present in the moment that you are in now.   So, as we are shown these tragedies we can make a simple choice to stay conscious.

These people who have given their lives for us have done so NOT that we associate them with feelings of anger and fear, but rather to remember them with feelings of compassion, love, respect and honor.  They are mirroring to us something that we can experience in every moment if we choose it.

When a tragedy occurs, there is a stillness that happens.  People become conscious of what is happening in the present and choose to take action to do what is a natural part of who we are; love.  Love is a vibration.  Mother Earth/God/Creator is speaking to us right now in this moment.  The peace we seek is already here.  We should embrace it and stay in the moment.

Every moment is given to you as a gift.  You are already conscious and if you choose to embody your conscious state, you will stay still and in that stillness you will embody love.  Reality is yours to create.  You are the creator of your reality.

When I channel, I am simply connecting with vibrations that are present.  I am now learning to channel in the present moment and share the message that the “time is now” to Unite.  We no longer need to disarm to balance.  We are balanced.  Mother Earth/God/Creator is speaking to us.  If we listen, we will hear our own voice and live heaven on earth!

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