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Peggy from Los Angeles asked: I just got a great job offer but I am disappointed in the salary. Should I negotiate?

Career Coach Caroline: Peggy – Congratulations on the job offer and YES you should always negotiate. You won’t ever get a better starting salary if you don’t ask and most employers bid low expecting the candidate to negotiate. Sadly, only 20% of women negotiate but you can change that by asking for what you deserve. Here are some things to consider before the negotiation conversation:

·      Do some market research to find out what the job is paying for your level of experience and be sure to factor in the geographic location. You must go into the counter offer armed with facts.

·      Practice your negotiation ask before you head into this for real. You need to get comfortable with this conversation and refine your speech.

·      Know your bottom-line number and instead of supplying a salary range that you would consider – give your prospective boss and actual number. Aim high and you can always dial back if they counter again. You always want to build in wiggle room.

·      Believe in you yourself and go into the conversation with confidence. Articulate the very specific skills and experiences you bring to the table to show your value. Maintain good eye contact and an assertive posture.

I’ll be cheering you on all the way. Game on!

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