Will I Meet My Twin Flame?

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Laura Lee

Will I meet my twin flame

Q: I wanna know when/if I’ll meet my Twin-Flame soon? I’ve been through so much heartache in this decade…is there light n’ love coming my way? Lara from NY

A: Lara ~ going to get a little technical with you here. To receive a TWIN FLAME mate into your life, you must live ‘twin flame’ energy. Meaning, you do not seek out another person to be your source of love. The source of light and love is within. When you are connected to the source, you are grounded in your true nature. It is the space where peace, love and joy emanate within self. Regardless if someone is there with you or not. Then the other person is icing on the cake. You wouldn’t feel the need to pine for the other person in your life ~ per your inquiry ‘when is there light n’ love coming my way’ – says to me you aren’t living it. Once you discover how to tap into the love and light, manage to live in that grace, being centered in the heart with yourself and around everyone, then you’ll attract the other person who will stand there ~ reflecting back that same light. And together, you will fulfill a life purpose to serve others. I suggest you learn more by reading Elizabeth Clare Prophet ‘Soul Mates and Twin Flames:  The spiritual dimension of love and relationships’. Here is a prayer to active it into your life, ‘I welcome into this sacred space all angels of light (or whom you feel connected: God, Jesus, Buddah, etc) I call to the blessed I AM presence of our twin flames for the sealing of all negative karma limiting the full expression of our divine identity and the fulfillment of our divine plan.” Keep me posted Lara…wishing you best on this journey to discover that love and light! Bless, LL

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