Starting Tonight: The JZ Crystal Show

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Get ready for the very best psychic talk radio when JZ Crystal hits the airways each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.JZ, master psychic, clairvoyant and medium, has combined her talents with those of expert advisors from various fields to validate the work she does with each client. Her keywords are: Intuition, Education, Clarification. JZ’s greatest gift for all her listeners, is clarity…opening your eyes to real situations and solutions for the problems  that face you.Of course, entertainment and a few laughs are a vital part of the JZ experience, and you never know what to expect when JZ and her quirky co-hosts and special friends are on air. There are no boundaries for what they will do in order to make JZ’s show the most entertaining  media event on CBS Spirit Guide Radio.

JZ has been sharing her talents as well as educating people of all walks of life for over 30 years, including famous celebrities and world figures. Now YOU can advantage of her insight and advice. Tune into JZ Crystal’s Psychic Talk Show…talk radio at its best.

No smoke and mirrors. JZ will make it all crystal clear.

JZ Crystal Premier Psychics website: JZ Crystal show airs: MONDAY @ 10 pm ET, TUESDAY @ 10 pm ET, WEDNESDAY @ 11 pm ET and THURSDAY @ 10  The JZ Crystal Psychic Show

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