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Discover Your Spirit! Listen to SPIRIT GUIDE RADIO, where leading spiritual experts serve as guides to nourish your soul everyday. Our professional guides are credible, reliable and experienced sources for advice. They can tap into psychic realms, using tools of divination such as astrology, mediumship, intuition, akashic records, tarot, tea leaves, etc. to help you find answers to your most prevailing questions about health, money, love and career. Each week, our radio hosts will discuss spiritual topics with you in mind offering you guidance to tap into your intuitive nature to help you navigate everyday life. The psychic airwaves are open, connected and alive with spirit. Spiritually speaking for the soul on SPIRIT GUIDE RADIO.



MONDAY @ 10 pm ET, TUESDAY @ 10 pm ET, WEDNESDAY @ 7 pm ET and THURSDAY @ 10  The JZ Crystal Psychic Show 

jz1251251 Spirit Guide RadioGet ready for the very best psychic talk radio when JZ Crystal hits the airways each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday evenings.JZ, master psychic, clairvoyant and medium, has combined her talents with those of expert advisors from various fields to validate the work she does with each client. Her keywords are: Intuition, Education, Clarification. JZ’s greatest gift for all her listeners, is clarity…opening your eyes to real situations and solutions for the problems  that face you.Of course, entertainment and a few laughs are a vital part of the JZ experience, and you never know what to expect when JZ and her quirky co-hosts and special friends are on air. There are no boundaries for what they will do in order to make JZ’s show the most entertaining  media event on CBS Spirit Guide Radio.

JZ has been sharing her talents as well as educating people of all walks of life for over 30 years, including famous celebrities and world figures. Now YOU can advantage of her insight and advice. Tune into JZ Crystal’s Psychic Talk Show…talk radio at its best.

No smoke and mirrors. JZ will make it all crystal clear.

JZ Crystal Premier Psychics website



Zodiac Divas 125x125 copy“Where is my soulmate?”, “Is he the one?”  If you’ve got questions about love, the Zodiac Divas have the answers.  Three of the world’s top celebrity psychics have joined forces to help with your relationships.  Why do you need three top psychics?
Because you’ve got major issues. (It’s ok.  We know.) Kyra, Lynn and Ashley are Experienced in the complexities of modern dating and marriage, the Zodiac Divas will shine a whole new light onto your love life and could even lead you to your perfect lover.


Tuesday @ 7 pm ET: The Psychic Brits

Rosemary Collins & David Taylor 125 x 125 copyCome to our house of spirits! Direct from Great Britain, Rosemary Collins & David Taylor are professional mediums. This duo is your guide into the past, present & future. Helping you through personal matters by delving into the spirit world for insight, inspiration, along with practical advice. Throughout the hour, Rosemary & David will empower you to tap into your own psychic abilities; feature guest that reveal spiritual concepts and answer your important questions from psychic realms. Join The Psychic Brits each week to gain perspective into your soul. Rosemary can hear and see spirit. She is a regular consultant on British and American Radio and worked for the Costa Coffee Houses donating her services to children’s charity. Clairvoyant medium, David is a veteran of talk radio with Bolton FM ‘Psychic Sunday Show’ and performed at ‘The Psychic Show at the Bolton Albert Halls’ and as well at Bolton’s ‘Most Haunted’. He is in the process of writing his first book. Please participate in The Psychic Brits charity; we pledge £2.00 with every psychic consultation for helping under privileged children that suffer abuse and neglect.


WEDNESDAY @ 11 pm ET Psychic World with John G Sutton

John G. Sutton 125 x 125 copyWhat dreams may come? Are you seeking guidance? Do you doubt life? Psychic World is where paranormal mysteries, supernatural and psychic phenomena are decoded by one of Britain’s top psychic-mediums and clairvoyants: John G. Sutton. Precognitive visions, dreams, voices from beyond the veil, ghosts, spirits, elemental beings and most importantly your fate and fortune are seen. The incredible psychic John G. Sutton is your host and you are invited to call in and ask him your own personal questions. John’s clairvoyant vision is clear, he really can help you see the signposts on your journey through this often difficult life.  John G. Sutton is the author of many best selling books published internationally, these include ‘Psychic Pets’ which was published in the USA by Scholastic and was featured with John on the Walt Disney Animal Planet show Petsburgh USA. Listen to PSYCHIC WORLD with John G. Sutton Wednesday 11pm ET.