Zoe Moon

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Every Thursday night at 8pm eastern, Zoe will be bringing her unique perspective on the cosmos and it’s affects on you!  Get a jump on your weekend and insight into the important transits by sign as Zoe shares what to expect up ahead.  Zoe is a highly sought after astrologer to the entertainment industry.  This is your chance to call in with personal questions.   Get answers to why the energy is affecting you in a particular way and see when you can look forward to major change and opportunity!

Zoe Moon ~ “It’s a crime that we aren’t taught how to maneuver our unique energy patterns.  We know our heritage, we understand dna and yet we are blind to the energetic blue print we carry.  It is time that this changed and I am on a mission to change it.”




 About ZoeZoe’s early years were as a singer/songwriter, signed to independent labels, then BMG and Arista Records.  Touring put her in contact with many different cultures and people, learning and sharing astrological insights along the road.  Her music led to a reality show about her band and then co-ownership in a film company while her passion for and understanding of astrology continued to deepen and link her to this community.  At some point along the line, she was in such demand for her uncanny ability to read people that she transitioned completely into Astrology and is now on the radio and in development for a tv show featuring this knowledge.


Zoe Moon’s December Monthly Forecast

The ZOE MOON  DECEMBER MONTHLY  FORECAST ARIES: Make December your month to get your legal matters underway, to pursue any media, marketing or publishing interests, to plan or attend the wedding, further your education or […]



Zoe’s February Monthly Forecast Is Up!

The FEBRUARY MONTHLY FORECAST is up! Look forward to a magical month but one with Mercury Retrograde taking us back over some interesting topics!  Read it here: http://zoemoonastrology.blogspot.com/2013/01/zoe-moon-astrology-february-monthly.html